1.  Establish a presence on the World Wide Web.
2.  Establish a 24-hour networking system.
3.  Anything is acceptable on the WWW.
4.  24-hour exposure.
5.  Information is available to your cliental 24 hours a day.
6.  Quickly make changes and update available information.
7.  Increase pubic interest.
8.  Answer questions in a quick and convenient manner.
9.  Obtain feedback in a quick and convenient manner.
10. Improve communication with cliental.
11. Improve customer service and community relations.
12. Better serve your customers and society.
13. Better service your local market.
14. Release time sensitive materials in a quick and efficient manner.
15. Sale products or services.
16. Low cost maintenance and continuous promotion of your products, services and organizational news.
17. Increase sales volume and/or support without increasing costs.
18. Reduce operating costs.
19. Lower overhead of inventory.
20. Offer 24-hour service, without maintaining personnel around the clock.
21. Improve efficiency and productivity.
22. Obtain a competitive edge.
23. Inexpensively test market new products and services.
24. Market your products and services around the world.
25. Reach highly desired demographics.
26. Reach the media.
27. Reach specialized markets.
28. Improve internal communication.
29. Decrease communication costs.
30. Advertise upcoming events, services and specials.
31. World Wide promotion of organization and activities.

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